Your translator

My name is Kathy A. Olszanowski and I offer over 30 years professional experience in translation.

Summer 2017 . OakvilleMy education, experience, and professional membership (ATIO) guarantee that my translations are high quality, well researched, accurate, and acceptable by institutions in Canada, Poland, USA and other countries. Having lived in different countries has provided me with an intimate understanding of how each language is embedded in its specific cultural context.

My academic background encompasses the fields of Engineering (B.Sc.), Applied Linguistics (Post-graduate diploma in translation) and Business Communication.

In 1983, I became a sworn translator and interpreter by the Provincial Court in Warsaw, working for various ministries, government agencies, courts, foreign companies and German TV stations.

In 1990, I finally settled in Canada and in 1993, I became a member of the ATIO, and established my own translation business under the name of Linguist Translations.

I am constantly upgrading my skills through participation in translation courses and workshops.


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